Calendar - Internal

Mark your calenders for these events you do not want to miss

Please note we do everything we can to provide accurate information, however events and times are subject to change without notice.

**  Casual Sunday and for the duration of the summer. Please wear appropriate attire. If in doubt, Google or ask somebody.For the complete month of July please access OFFICIAL calendar - once open you may need to use "rotation" function on your device for better viewing.

Aug. 22nd - Church Conference - 7pm

Aug. 26th - S2S "Repairing Your Temple" 10am - Noon

Aug. 26th - "Real Youth - Real Faith" Children, Youth & Young Adult Rap Session 10am- 12 Noon

Aug. 28th - Sept. 2nd - The Temple Vacation Bible School - 6pm -8pm

Sept. 9th - LAY Organization.  Dorothy Alexander / Morris Bradley Scholarship luncheon. See ANY LAY member for tickets.